America and the world have observed Trump’s behavior and decision making for a year. Do not expect any change during the three years remaining in his term.

Sufficient time has passed to permit an astute observer to make summary observations about the patterns in his behavior.

Trump does not read.  Rather, he gathers information orally and principally from TV talk shows. When he departs for a golfing weekend, neither does he carry a briefcase of reports nor assemble a panel of experts to address current and prospective issues.

In two ways, Trump seems to have the personality of a teenager.  First, he is extremely thin-skinned. Rather than hold his own counsel and roll with the punches, Trump invariably lashes out ridiculing the source’s personality, physical attributes or affiliations.

Second, Trump is a know-it-all. Whether it is the snowfall along the east coast, the personality of another world leader, Putin’s motivation or any other matter, Trump has an opinion.  Whether his opinion is informed is a completely separate question.  Usually not, because like a teenager, Trump has an uninformed opinion about everything.

These are only a few of many examples that question Trump’s stability.

So, what is the evolving observation about Trump’s behavior?  Trump has some type of personality disorder, mental disorder or both.

For two exhaustive survey article see:



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