It is clear months after Trump’s inauguration that his personality demands that he be the center of attention.  The evidence includes his Tweets that attack:

  1.  Any person offering any suggestion that differs from Trump’s opinion is a candidate for an attack.  The attacks are personal and usually mock or ridicule the person’s age, physical appearance, political affiliation, heritage, associates or qualifications.
  2. Any news organization, non-profit, political or advocacy group that offers contrasting evidence is immediately labeled ‘fake news.’

It is not difficult to see how Trump’s attacks on individuals and organizations result in the feeding his ego.  The sequence begins with an individual or organization stating an obvious error in Trump’s assertion.  The size of the inaugural crowd is an example.

Trump Tweets an attack, usually something nonsense and irrelevant to the individual’s or an organization’s original statement but mocking some characteristic of the person or claiming the facts are ‘fake.’

Then Trump issues re-Tweets or is asked a question in a news conference.

And around-and-around we go with Trump the center of the circle.

Readers know or have known individuals who thrive at being the center of attention.  Most readers respond to acquaintances with Trump-like personalities by dismissing their claims of self-righteous importance as nonsense.

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